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  • RoundarrowCan I buy this product to earn Points?
  • RoundarrowDoes the person I share the product with have to be a member
    of MyPoints?
  • RoundarrowCan I share this product with more than one person?
  • RoundarrowCan I share more than one product?
  • RoundarrowWhen do my Points get credited?
  • A.  YES! Just click the "BUY" button after you've picked your product
         and you'll earn Points when you buy it.
  • A.  No. Anyone who clicks on your link and buys the product
  • A.  Yes please.
  • A.  Yes. After this product, you can share as many as you'd like!
  • A.  It may take 2-3 days after the product is bought.